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About Us – Treblemakers Music Academy

At Treblemakers Music Academy Inc. we strive to be the best in our field. We provide our students with a fun and interactive learning environment, where they have the opportunity to grow and develop into outstanding musicians. Best of all, we show our students how incredibly fun and enriching music education can be to their lives.


What are the benefits of group lessons vs. private lessons?

Many teachers who have taught both private and group classes say that students enrolled in group classes stay in lessons for longer. Most children enjoy the process of learning in a group and being able to interact with their peers during the learning process.

Teachers of both private lessons and group classes have also commented that the students in their group classes enjoy practicing more. Ensemble music is not only fun to play, but because they are learning to play these pieces together with their classmates, they feel accountable to them and work hard to make sure they have their parts learned each week for the group!

Students who play in front of their peers on a weekly basis often feel more comfortable playing piano in public settings.

Students in group classes learn a lot of ensemble music. This music can help reiterate important concepts for students who struggle to grasp rhythm and counting well. Many students also enjoy the excitement and rich sound of playing with other pianists.

Group classes are more affordable than private lessons. This can be a financially feasible way to introduce your child to piano while still exploring whether or not music lessons will be a long term commitment/investment for your family.

What are the drawbacks to group classes?

We, don’t necessarily believe that group classes are for every single student. Every child is different, and while some students thrive in a collaborative environment, others benefit more from the one-on-one attention in a private lesson and enjoy working on individual repertoire and moving at quicker/slower pace tailored to their needs. You, of course, know your child and their personality better than anyone, and it is important for you to evaluate these things as a family before deciding which avenue is the best way to introduce music lessons to your child. If, we feel after working with your child for a session of group classes that he/she would benefit from private lesson environment, we will absolutely let you know.

What do you do during a group class?

During each class, we will spend time reviewing our “old” music assignments, learning new ones, and learning new theory concepts both at the keyboard and through games. Each group class is different, and students will not only spend time at a keyboard, but may spend time moving physically from keyboard to keyboard, doing rhythm exercises or play a game to reiterate theory concepts.

Will my child have to share a piano with other children?

No. Each child will have the use of a full sized 88 keys digital piano.

What music will my child be learning?

Your child will learn music from the Mayron Cole piano method. This unique method is geared specifically towards students learning piano in a group setting, and includes fun and original compositions, ensemble music, theory worksheets, and classical arrangements.

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