Music Programs

Music Programs offered at Treblemakers Music Academy

Semester 1: September 2015-December 2015
Semester 2: January 2016-May 2016, June  2016 Recital


Our Summer Piano Program is a musical program for young beginners. This program is a great way for new pianists to grow in a diverse musical direction. Our exceptional faculty leads students in piano lessons complemented by fun activities in compositions, interactive learning, fun rhythmic and aural activities that develop general musicianship skills.

Students taking Group Lessons will enjoy ensemble repertoire, and playing pieces with up to six other students at once!

Students taking Private Lessons will work with engaging instructors to learn new skills and songs at their own pace.

Our Summer Piano Program accepts students from ages 5-10 with interest in music. No auditions are required. Enrollment is on a first-come, first served bases upon receipt of application form and tuition.

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Piano Lessons (5 years +)

Piano Lesson in Bradford, Ontario at Treblemakers Music Academy.Private: Lessons are one-on-one sessions, that cater to each student’s individual needs. Depending on the level, lessons may vary from 30-60 minutes each week.  Students will learn from either/both the Royal Conservatory of Music and Alfred Piano Series. Examination preparation for Royal Conservatory Of Music is available at all grade levels from our experienced teachers.

Group: Lessons are 60 minutes each week. Students  will learn music from the Mayron Cole Piano Method. This unique method is geared specifically towards students learning piano in a group setting, and includes fun and original compositions, ensemble music, theory worksheets, and classical arrangements. The Mayron Cole Piano Method emphasizes staff-note reading, rhythm counting, and sight-reading. It teaches beginners through advanced pianists to read music and accompany other musicians.

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Guitar Lessons (5 years +)

Guitar Lesson in Bradford, Ontario at Treblemakers Music Academy.Students will be provided with a well-rounded music program for classical and modern guitar, which will aim in reaching the student’s full potential. Students’ musicianship and technique skills will flourish within an exploration of a wide repertoire, in either classical or modern studies. Theory is an integral part in music education and always results in a better understanding of every musical aspect and deeper appreciation of music, in general. Whether for enjoyment or as an academic study, our programs will ensure that students build a strong foundation in music.

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Saxophone, Flute, or Clarinet (8 years +)

Lessons are private only. With these instruments, lessons include repertoire, theory and technique. Once a solid technical foundation has been built, students will explore the different genres available to their instrument, and play contemporary, rock, pop, classical, Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations, musical theatre, jazz etc. Students will be able to learn more notes, rhythms and songs as they progress and will learn how to vary sounds on their instrument. Our teachers use their University and Masters qualifications and performance experience to ensure that students make substantial improvement and learn to enjoy and appreciate any of these instruments.

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Vocal (6 year +)

Building a solid foundation in singing is important. Our vocal teachers focus on lessons that include posture, realizing your voice, breathing, aural training, self-awareness, vocal health and technique. Everyone has a voice – our teachers create a comfortable environment for self-expression for our vocal students. Voice lessons combine fun learning, technical and repertoire development and building self-confidence.

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DJ Program (ages 5+)

Mix, scratch, and DJ with our Virtual DJ program, and complete recorded mixes to take home. Get a taste for DJing by learning the basics of mixing and scratching. Learn essential DJ equipment with hand-on, guided experience, learn to handle, play, and mix records through our Virtual DJ program.

*We have everything you need! (excluding headphones)

*If you have your own equipment we encourage you to bring it, but if not, just bring yourself and passion for music

Group classes, maximum 4 persons per class, 1-hour, once per week.

Private classes, 1-hour, once per week. Please inquire for days and times.

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Theory Lessons

Composition Theory Classes are extremely beneficial in your development as a musician and available for ages 6+. The topics covered in the composition classes will increase your musical skills in sight reading, transposition, improvisation, composition, and in performance. By understanding the theory behind the music you will achieve greater results in learning, interpretation and performance on your instrument. Private and group theory lessons are provided for students as enhancement classes to give students a solid foundation to their musical learning.

RCM Theory Exam Prep classes are available in all levels. Classes can be taught privately, or in groups. Courses include:

  • Basic Rudiments
  • Intermediate Rudiments
  • Advanced Rudiments
  • Basic Harmony
  • Intermediate Harmony
  • Advanced Harmony
  • Counterpoint
  • Analysis
  • History 1: An Overview
  • History 2: Middle Ages to Classical
  • History 3: 19th Century to Present

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