Piano Lessons in Newmarket Ontario

Piano Lessons in Newmarket (6 years +)

Treblemakers Music Academy offers piano lessons at our studio located just north of Newmarket in Bradford Ontario.

Private: Lessons are one-on-one sessions, that cater to each student’s individual needs. Depending on the level, lessons may vary from 30-60 minutes each week.  Students will learn from either/both the Royal Conservatory of Music and Alfred Piano Series. Examination preparation for Royal Conservatory Of Music is available at all grade levels from our experienced teachers.

Piano Lessons in Newmarket, Ontario at Treblemakers Music Academy.

Group: Lessons are 60 minutes each week. Students  will learn music from the Mayron Cole Piano Method. This unique method is geared specifically towards students learning piano in a group setting, and includes fun and original compositions, ensemble music, theory worksheets, and classical arrangements. The Mayron Cole Piano Method emphasizes staff-note reading, rhythm counting, and sight-reading. It teaches beginners through advanced pianists to read music and accompany other musicians.

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Piano Lessons in Newmarket Ontario

Treblemakers Music Academy offers piano lessons in Bradford at our brand new music academy.  Bradford is located approximately 10 minutes north of Newmarket and approximately 10 minutes south of Innisfil.  You can learn more about our music teachers that provide piano lessons in Bradford by clicking here.

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